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Impetus Waste Management Group

The Impetus Group is one of the largest privately owned Waste Management businesses in the UK.

From its formation in 2003 the Impetus Group, through its trading companies has grown and evolved by acquiring substantial assets whilst developing its existing waste management and landfill businesses in readiness for the inevitable environmental legislation reforms.

We currently provide solutions to a broad range of customers in the public and private sectors, both local and nationwide. If you are looking for a solution to your current waste problem whether requiring landfill disposal for hazardous waste or non hazardous waste, development sites for new or existing technologies, recycling, energy generation etc..., we can help. We have the expertise, resources and integrated facilities to achieve all your goals. read more


Occasionally Impetus may require the submission of a tender from interested partner companies and 3rd parties. If this is the case then please click this link.



The main subsidiary companies that form the Impetus Group are Impetus Waste Management Ltd, Impetus Reclamation Ltd, Impetus Remediation Ltd and Greenways Waste Management Ltd.

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The four companies operate indepentently of each other but seemlessly combine and integrate to give our customers an unrivalled total waste management solution.